Egyptian Geranium and Bergamot

It’s no wonder Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot is one of our best-selling collections. Capturing the warmth of a summer day on your skin, with floral aromatics of Geranium, Bergamot, Citrus, and earthy Vetiver, it’s a trip to Italy in a bottle. 

We’ve given attention to the amazing plant-based bioactive ingredients in our formulations, but did you know that the essential oils we include have benefits as well? Let’s have a look at what geranium and bergamot can do for you. 

Geranium originates from Africa (ours comes from Egypt), where it has long been used to treat burns and skin disorders, and is pure liquid love! Aromatherapeutically, it is known to help soothe the nervous system, assist with concentration, and balance hormones. When applied to skin, it helps tone and protect. It has potent cellular regeneration properties and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bergamot Oil is cold-pressed from the peels of fragrant Bergamot citrus fruit. Aromatherpeutically, it has the ability to both uplift and calm, making ideal for the dissolution of anxiety or sadness. It helps unclog pores and balance sebum levels thanks to naturally powerful antimicrobial properties. Bergamot oil works to help stimulate skin cell renewal.

Isn't the power of plants amazing? Explore our entire Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot collection and incorporate these incredible plant benefits into your daily rituals!  Happy #SustainableSelfCareSunday, everyone.