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Happy Anniversary

It has been a year, a glorious year, since our plastic-free Skincare launched. We created packaging free from single-use plastics, and we upgraded our formulas with a lineup of powerful bioactives designed to seriously uplevel the glow and beauty of your skin. We could not be more thrilled at how well this line has done for you and for the planet.

Going back to the beginnings of the idea that we could do something great if we just acted on our belief that your skin and this planet we inhabit could both come first, our CEO and Founder, Joshua Scott Onysko explained:

“I’ve been a scuba diver for more than 20 years. Five years ago, I was scuba diving and noticed a major increase in the amount of plastic in the ocean. This was really depressing to me. I did a deep dive on how much plastic we're using and how much of it is never getting recycled and discovered that plastic recycling is a farce. It’s just insane that there is a substance so globally ubiquitous that is designed for 10 minutes of use only to be thrown away for the next thousand years! This is really when I became inspired to create a #LifeAfterPlastic.”

It was a 27 month journey to get there, because we did a lifecycle analysis and landed on molded fiber, aluminum, and glass as the best materials. We were interested in minimizing packaging in general, and, of course, we wanted to make it aesthetically pleasing. We created new designs for the new packaging and the topographical maps on our new skincare packaging represent the location of the source of the primary ingredient in each formula – and it’s how we honor all the partners who created this collection with us, from soil to skin.

The caps were a puzzle to solve, too. Most aluminum tubes available on the market are made with plastic caps. We spent over two years engineering custom aluminum caps for our packaging, and with some work we nailed it - making the entire package plastic-free..

There is still one place where we have had to use plastic. We needed pumps and sprayers to optimize the experience of our products, and right now the only option is plastic. The ones we chose, however, can be used for a decade. We wanted to give customers the option to buy them once and be able to use them over and over again.

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