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Let's Talk About Pumps

Last week we announced the launch of our Plastic-free Bodycare, newly formulated and rich with the world’s most nutrient-dense, plant-based bioactives.

Why is Plastic-free Important?
By Plastic-free, we mean our packaging is completely devoid of plastic. Our aluminum and glass bottles are 100% recyclable (including the protective, BPA-free lining in our aluminum bottles), and our outer packaging is made from 100% recyclable and compostable paperboard.

We’ve made this switch in consideration of the following facts:

  • Humans have dumped over 150 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean—enough to cover the entire surface of the moon
  • Only 7% of plastic ever gets recycled
  • Plastic pollution kills over 1 million marine lives each year

Why Aren’t Our Pumps Plastic-free?
Now let’s talk about the pumps… Many of our Bodycare products are much more conveniently dispensed via pumps. Unfortunately, plastic-free pumps and atomizers are not available for us to purchase at this time.

We are still supporting sustainable efforts while we work to transition to something better long-term. Here is our current (and best) solution, so far:

You will have the option to purchase your products with or without a pump. The plastic pumps we offer are designed to last up to 10 years with continual use. We strongly encourage you to purchase your Bodycare product with a pump the first time only. Once the product is finished and you are ready for a new bottle, please use the same pump again. This not only reduces the needless proliferation of single-use plastics, it also saves you money!

Some tips for reusing your pumps:

  • If you are transferring a pump from a particular product to the exact same one (scent included), just remove it from the old bottle and place it in the new one
  • If the products have different scents, first rinse and dry the pump before transferring it
  • If you need to store the pump between uses, rinse and dry it beforehand

When plastic-free pumps are available, you can be sure that we will be amongst the first to implement them. In the meantime, we appreciate your willingness to help us create a #LifeAfterPlastic.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re going to love our new Bodycare formulations. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into the new plant-based bioactives we’re using and how they deliver real results you can see and feel. Keep a look out for our Plastic-free Skincare (and new formulations!) in 2022.

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