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Love Lasts Longer than Flowers

In our family it’s a tradition to give something practical and long-lasting for Valentine's Day. Roses are just too expensive the second week of February, and they wilt anyhow. Who wants to symbolize love everlasting with a gesture that’s not unique nor does it have staying power? So we give socks and underwear. Fun socks and fun underwear that lasts for years, but now that it’s out there in print, it sounds less joyful that it could. However, it is possible to give something a little more romantic than socks with hearts on them, and still give a long-lasting and unusual present to those you love.

Here is a list of ways to say “You matter a lot to me, not just today” that probably will cost less than a dozen roses and last for months so that special someone will still be thinking about you every day in March, April, maybe even May. Make a bouquet of these products:

1. Super Antioxidant Glow Oil. Just the name makes people feel happy, because we all want our loved ones to see us as glowing and full of life. Our Super Antioxidant Glow Oil is packed with a powerful blend of six plant-based active oils and antioxidants for rich hydration, brightening, and an instantly youthful-looking glow. 

2. Moroccan Cedar & Sandalwood Body Wash. In India, sandalwood is venerated because it emanates great spiritual energy, promotes radiance, and gives protection. It is also a symbol of vitality.

3. Haitian Vetiver & Mandarin Rind Body Oil. The smell of vetiver is really sexy and glowing skin all over says “Happy Valentine's Day” every day. Our Haitian Vetiver & Mandarin Rind Body Oil is a luxurious, exotic, citrus-infused blend of five rich organic oils for deeply nourished, smoother skin, delivering a naturally healthy glow.

4. Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot Hand Cream. Poets have often written about hands as a way to talk about the whole body. Instead of telling your beloved that you want to be the glove that encloses their hand, try saying you want to nourish and replenish the hands that work so hard.

Pick and choose the message you want to send or make all four into a “bouquet” as a gift that will last longer than roses, and yet still smell and feel as sweet.


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  • Looking for your mandarin rose lip balm I have bought for years. Please advise if you still have it available or not.

    Thank you

    Libby Davis

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