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Seven Tips For A Great Bathing Experience

In our world, bath time is sacred, and always has been. Now our new, thoughtfully curated, Plastic-free Bundles have dropped, we’re even more excited for our next bath.

In addition to their relaxing properties, baths can also be detoxifying, pain-relieving, and can help you sleep better. Here are our best ideas for making bath time the ultimate self-care experience for body, mind, and spirit.

1. Pangea Body Wash 
Before we go any further, the first thing you must try is our Body Wash. Lightly scented and loaded with nature-rich, skin-nurturing ingredients, such as Aloe, Reishi, and Turmeric, it's the perfect thing for creating a truly deluxe bathing experience. Plan to add 4-5 pumps or capfuls to your bath.

2. Cucumber Mint Spa Water
Sipping homemade cucumber mint water while you bathe is the best thing ever. Cucumber has many benefits, such as: helping relieve water retention; enhancing hydration; being rich in antioxidants; helping lower blood pressure, and supporting glowing skin.

Make your Cucumber Mint Spa Water in advance of your bath so the mint and cucumber have time to really infuse the water. You’ll need:

  • Sliced organic cucumber (skin on is ok, especially if it’s organic).
  • Handful of organic mint leaves.
  • Filtered, fresh water.

- Place all ingredients in a 32 oz. jar.
- Refrigerate at least one hour.
- Consume within 24 hours.

3. Epsom Salt
In addition to our Body Wash, your bath will be greatly enhanced with the addition of a cup or two of Epsom Salt. These wonder-salts are magnesium-rich and infuse your bath with muscle-relaxing, sleep-inducing goodness. Add the Epsom Salt after you’ve run your bath (you don’t want to add them to overly hot water).

4. Get the temperature just right
There are many methods for creating the perfect temperature. Our preferred way is to run the hot water first, then add cool water at the end (it’s much easier to cool a bath off than warm it back up). The sweet spot will be around 112° F (or lower if you prefer). If you don’t have a thermometer, just make sure it's warm but not uncomfortably hot.

5. Atmosphere
Mute that phone, light some candles, and queue up your favorite relaxing playlist. This is your time, and if you treat it that way, the rewards will be bigger than if you’re half-way occupied with incoming texts. 

6. Please Breathe
Let in the aromatherapeutic benefits of our Body Wash's essential oil blends by relaxing with one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Slowly inhale, paying close attention to your breath. Breathe all the way in, until your lungs are completely full. Retain your breath for a second or two, then forcefully exhale. This simple practice will help oxygenate your body and encourage you be truly present with your self-care time.

7. Moisturize Right Away
Once you’ve finished with your bath, be sure to moisturize right away. Pat your skin first, so it's barely dry, then massage in our Body Oil. This will help trap water in your surface cells for enhanced hydration. (Once you’ve completed your bath ritual, you’re probably going to want to sip some Mineral-Rich Vegan Spa Broth and then have a nap.)

Keep the Self-Care Experience Alive
For most of us, it’s not possible to take time for an elaborate bathing ritual every single day. Find new ways to sneak in moments of self-care. From Handcare to Bodycare (and coming soon, Skincare!) our Plastic-free Bundles are designed to help make this happen.  

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