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Props for Polyphenols

This July 11th is National Polyphenol Day. Polyphenols are a type of micronutrient found in plants that work as natural energy boosters and can offer a variety of health benefits. In celebration of plants’ ability to offer amazing nutrition, we’ve developed a polyphenol-rich smoothie recipe you’ll love. 

We drink this as a decadent (yet super healthy) breakfast, or as an afternoon energy boost on a hot day (it has caffeine, so best not to consume after 2PM if you're sensitive).  Reminiscent of an old childhood fave — mint chocolate chip ice cream! — it’s one of those things that tastes like it shouldn’t be good for you. It is super healthy, though, thanks to a lineup of polyphenol-rich, super tasty ingredients.

Pangea’s Polyphenol- Rich Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

1 frozen organic banana

1 ½ cup organic almond milk (it will taste even better if you make the almond milk yourself)

1 tbsp. cacao nibs

½ tsp. organic matcha tea powder

½ ripe avocado

several drops of food grade peppermint essential oil, to taste

several drops of stevia to taste

ice cubes (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high. Start small with the peppermint oil and stevia and adjust as you go. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Polyphenols for Your Skin
Polyphenols aren’t just for drinking. Our Superfood Smoothie Mask features polyphenol-rich ingredients, such as Matcha, Acai, and Goji Berries. See for yourself how this multi-tasking miracle helps your skin look its glowing best by removing impurities, gently exfoliating, and balancing skin’s moisture levels.

Happy #SustainableSelfCareSunday! Wishing you all the cool, refreshing drinks and micronutrients your body needs.

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