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Self-Renewal and Well-being

Phew, January is over. All the hubbub about self-improvement as a thing we do once a year and then slowly slip back into our old habits has died down and we are free. So let’s put aside the idea that we are going to do a 180° on anything in our lives and focus instead on renewal. We are perfect the way we are - and we deserve to keep treating ourselves, our world, and our planet with care and attention - not to make up for the excesses of the past, but as an act of radical hope for the future.

For our bodies renewal means taking the time to care deeply about what we put in and on ourselves. Not as a way to make ourselves better, stronger, faster - but as a way to make ourselves slower, more real, and more open. A very wise person once said: How we do anything is how we do everything. So let’s start with how we care for ourselves and work out.

Our skin, by this time in the winter, is yearning for spring. It wants renewal, too. By taking the time to listen to our bodies and learn what we need, we can feed our skin and our souls at the same time. There are books and courses out there for mindful eating, intuitive eating, and learning to listen to our bodies that way. What if we treated skincare the same way? Mindfulness in the morning when we get up and in the evening when we are slowing down? There should definitely be a mindful skincare ritual movement.

We can improve our health, well-being, and self-confidence by making any change, large or small and then sticking with it. So if we decide to nourish our skin, and we can really follow through, we teach ourselves that we are trustworthy and we are listening. I heard someone say recently that she wakes up, gets out of bed, goes into the bathroom to wash her face and says “Hey,” to herself, and as she is washing and caring for herself she says, “I love you.” We can use those precious moments when we are interacting with our face and body to shower it with care - using products that we believe in and that feel great, and reinforcing it with words and feelings that match our actions.

In the quiet stillness of these February mornings and evenings let’s renew ourselves instead of reforming ourselves and see what kind of life grows in us.

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