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Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 26, 2022 is Small Business Saturday. We celebrate small business every day, but it’s great to have the world give us a shout out. Small businesses do so much for our communities and this year, especially, we could use some cheer.

In case you need them, here are some reasons to celebrate small businesses:

1. Growing companies, some that started like Pangea in our founder’s garage, making soap by hand, create eco-systems that enable other small businesses (and in our case farmers) to grow. Pangea’s mission is to create the safest, most effective products in partnership with farmers and manufacturers who have dedicated their lives and practices to organic, regenerative methods. Not only does this care produce the highest-quality of ingredients, it also supports preservation and future for our earth. Check out our partner farmers at James Lake Farms and Nature Spirit Herbs.

2. Entrepreneurs make more entrepreneurs. Small businesses are a local training ground for all kinds of innovation and skills. They make the business ecosystem better.

3. Smaller businesses usually have more transparency in ingredients, materials, and sourcing products. They are more concerned with human care. We know this to be true of us, and it’s a reason to cheer.

4. Smaller brands usually have a better customer experience because they have a personal touch and they care.

5. Small businesses make diversity. That’s human diversity, but biodiversity too. We support the farmers who support the land.

And here’s some suggestions on how to support your small local faves:

1. Look around at your local scene and discover new brands. One of the things that makes me the most happy is finding Pangea hand soap in a local restaurant and realizing that people who have never smelled it are going to be enchanted.

2. Send gifts. If the people you love don’t know about the businesses you cherish, get them hooked. Send them a surprise that has a lasting impact.

3. Rethink your shopping. Buy local, small, and diverse. Support businesses who support the community, the land, and the world.

To make supporting small businesses even easier, save up to 75% Off all Pangea products, plus receive a Free choice of Hand Cream (3.3 fl oz tube) with any $75 purchase, through 11/30/22 (midnight MT).

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