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Escape for Your Own Good

Today, we want to make a very unusual proposition. Instead of saying, “Be Here Now,” we want to say, “Be anywhere but here. Go! Get out!” There are times when we all need to accept that the obstacles in our path are the very path itself. However, there are also times when we need to get away from our lives to gain perspective and level up our peace and serenity. Today is National Escape Day, who knew? It’s a day that encourages you to move away from your daily life and make time for rejuvenation.

Sometimes, we need to make some plans to go be in nature in order to live in the present fully. We need to get outside (of our lives, our comfort zones, our homes, our families, and our cities) and be. In one of the best TV shows - it started back when to watch back episodes you needed to catch them when they were airing - the Gilmore Girls often dropped heavy wisdom with humor. One of the characters, Luke, had what the other characters called a “Dark Day.” On the anniversary of his father’s death he would go fishing, be in nature, and hence, be unreachable. This is some really good advice. We all need a day when we are unreachable and, yes, probably outdoors in some way.

So, occasionally, escape is self-care. What we learn on our “Dark Day” can carry us through our daily lives in a new and different way, helping us bring that care and attention to our lives. Helping us find meaning, ritual, and moments of compassion. When we look at ourselves, our world, and our lives from the perspective of a mountain, a campsite, a lake, an outdoor winter bath, or a walk in an unfamiliar place, we see things anew. We see the world as it is, and not so much as we are. Then, we can go back and incorporate what we see.

Another self-care experience that can bring peace and rejuvenation is to take care of ourselves. One of our favorite ways is to create a spa day at home. Its relaxing for the mind and body and can be done any day or evening for a personal escape.

Try these escape tips soon and experience the myriad of feel-good benefits.

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