Want Amazing Skin? Use A Toner.

- By: Safia Ohlson

Want to know a shortcut to amazing skin? Here’s a hint: you have probably seen it and thought, “I don’t need that.”

I, too, was once a skeptic when it came to Facial Toner. Just the thought of it brought back memories of seventh grade, my bottle of Sea Breeze Astringent, and its empty promises to quell the tenacious breakouts that had suddenly plagued my complexion.

In high school I saw a slight improvement when I switched to straight Witch Hazel, yet when used alone it was drying, and left my skin confused and blotchy.

In the two decades that followed, I eschewed Toner altogether. My skin was stabilized by then, and, frankly, I had other things to think about. I used a gentle Facial Cleanser and a great, organic Facial Cream, and that seemed like it was good enough.

Then I turned 40.

Fine lines and tiny wrinkles began to appear where there were none before. Little freckles made their debut in unforeseen places. I can’t remember which French model said, “Your face begins at your décolletage,” when referring to her Skincare Ritual, but I thought of her wisdom with a pang of regret when glimpsing my chest in the car mirror one sunny afternoon. Why had I not been more adamant about using sunscreen? Why had I not, at least, used my fancy moisturizer south of my neck?

The solution to slowing down these visible signs of aging was easier than I expected: I simply upped my game when it came to taking care of my skin.

This meant getting serious about exfoliation, increasing my moisture quotient with an EFA-rich, nutrient-dense Facial Oil and — to my great surprise — using one of the new Facial Toners by Pangea Organics.  

What Do Pangea’s New Facial Toners Do, Anyway?

Technically, Pangea’s Facial Toners complete the cleansing process by removing the oil and dirt your Facial Cleanser missed (hey, nobody’s perfect). They imbue skin with a dose of antioxidants and bio-available vitamins, and they also refine pores, making them appear smaller and skin tighter.  

On a deeper level, Facial Toner prepares your skin to receive the benefits of your Oil (if you use it), and Facial Cream, which means you also get long-term anti-aging benefits, as well as the shorter-term ones listed above. Just like the rest of your health thrives at a steady level when your body is fed a nutritious, antioxidant-rich diet, so does your skin. When your skin is able to absorb a steady stream of nutrition through your Skincare products, it will remain youthful-looking for longer.  

Which Toner Should You Use?

You definitely don’t need to be over 40 to benefit from Pangea’s Facial Toner. In fact, there are three different formulas, all of which are loaded with active ingredients to balance and refine your specific complexion and assist it to age with ease and grace.

  • French Rosemary & Sweet Orange is for Dry & Sensitive skin and includes Saccharide Isomerate for instant hydration, Sodium Hyaluronate to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and encourage collagen production, and Fulvic Acid, a free radical scavenger that helps prepare the skin for improved absorption of other key ingredients in your Skincare Ritual
  • Italian Green Mandarin & Sweet Lime is formulated for Normal & Combination skin and contains Green Mandarin Essential Oil to help decongest pores, lighten hyperpigmentation, and imbue skin with glow-enhancing antioxidants, Sweet Lime Essential Oil to help revitalize and tone, Malus Domestica Apple Cell Culture to helps protect skin’s cells against premature aging and assist skin stem cells to build new tissues, and Lavender Essential Oil to help balance and calm the irritation and redness of Combination skin 
  • Argentinean Tangerine & Thyme is formulated for Oily & Blemish-prone skin. It contains Tangerine Essential Oil to help your complexion, Lactic Acid for a bright, even, clear skin tone, L-Arginine for stimulation of anti-aging HGH (human growth hormone) and collagen formation, and Witch Hazel to help balance and sooth your skin

What To Expect When Using A Facial Toner

Not trying to sound dramatic or anything, but expect immediate, visible results. That was my experience, anyway.

After the first use, my skin looked tighter and clearer, as if I had just had a deep rest or a little vacation. The longer-term results have included a brighter and more even skin tone, and the appearance of faded freckles.  I notice if I forget to use Toner one morning. It’s as if a subtle glow that is now the norm has gone missing.

Following the French supermodel’s sage advice, I have also extended my Skincare Ritual to my neck, chest, and décolletage, too.  If you are under 40 and reading this, I hope you consider this advice yourself and begin early. And if you’re over 40, I can happily report: it is, in fact, possible to mitigate some of our careless ways.